Carbon Fiber

Installation of colors and multiple forms of natural carbon fiber ( carbon . Viper ) .
 Fibers, carbon or carbon fiber also known among incorporating it is the next future in the automotive industry for light weight and strength of its hardness . Either major companies specialized in modifying luxury cars and sports have become dependent carbon fiber in decorating their cars to the characteristic of the carbon fiber in addition to the light weight and hardness shape characteristic three-dimensional . And its natural form is a black cloth . The other colors are added to the carbon during knitting , known Balkiflr and can not give you this color three-dimensional form , but the form of carbon only .
This is done either carbon or Btalpash templates directly on the pieces .
The secret lies in the difference between the quality of carbon fiber manufacturers, the final product is a quality carbon weaving and knitting factories in Resin used in the composition and made ​​of polyester or epoxy. Added to the number of layers used and the final finishing .
And our products are different from the natural carbon fiber has been carefully selected from Afezl specialized factories and Resin selection of the best types of solid ( epoxy ) resistance to yellowing and scratching .