Dry Ice Cleaning

If you are looking for cleaning your car to the general concept of car cleaning you can do so at any station for cleaning cars.
But if you’re looking for your cleaning and true to your car , but you will not find him in the Derby for the care of the cars.
In order to set us apart in the real clean sensitive parts that can not be cleaned with water or water vapor ( Alastaim ) such as electronic and electrical appliances inside the car’s engine or under the dashboard by gas dry ice ( carbon dioxide co2).
This technique is not limited to sensitive devices only, but are also used to remove plaque on different metals parts for the car , which return to their almost new extensions such as metal in the engine room and the metal structure of the engine itself.
Our approach in outstanding cleaning is not limited to the use of gas only, but the method for determining the different areas which can not be accessed or neo- cleaned and returned to the normal condition like new when selling .